Conflict, security & (in)securitisation collection

These publications are closely linked to work of LIEP, the Language, (In)security & Everyday Practice Group ( – see ‘Useful links’)

    Rampton & Van de Putte
    What do Sociolinguistics and Memory Studies have in common, and why should they be interested in each other?  What are the likely obstacles to their interaction? How could they…
    In this article we examine our own doctoral supervisory dialogue as it has been institutionally interrupted due to Ahmad’s application for asylum in the UK. As we find ourselves…
    This paper argues that (in)securitisation-“making ‘enemy’ and ‘fear’ the integrative, energetic principle of politics” (Huysmans 2014:3)-now calls for much fuller attention than it has hitherto received in sociolinguistics, and…