Hub for Education & Language Diversity (HELD) collection

These papers are very closely linked to the work of the Hub for Education & Language Diversity ( – see ‘Useful Links’).

    Coalition for Language Education
    This Coalition for Language Education is committed to developing the communicative capacities of individuals, groups and institutions and the range of languages and linguistic styles – the ‘linguistic repertoires’…
    This document reports on an informal consultation with 50+ people involved with different subfields of language education in the UK (EAL, ESOL, EAP, EFL, CLs, MFL, Early Years, mainstream…
    Cooke, Rampton, Winstanley, Bryers, Belecova, Blackman, Griffiths, Jadallah, Jowett, Malakouti & Whitehouse
    Building on sustained discussion among eleven people actively engaged in teaching English to adult speakers of other languages (ESOL), this paper asks what ‘participatory’ approaches to ESOL now look…
    This paper describes national policy for teaching English to adult migrants in England, and asks what ESOL teaching can do to overcome the fragmentation and hostility it finds, opening…
    Rampton, Bryers, Chick, Cooke, Griffiths, Highet, Leung, Peutrell, Richardson, Tomei, Solomon & Winstanley
    How much do language educators working in schools, Further Education (FE), not-for-profit organisations and universities really have in common? Can we really talk about the professional identity of teachers…