WP178 End-of-Project Report – Crossing languages & borders: Intercultural language education in a conflict-troubled context

Rampton, Charalambous & Charalambous


This is a final report to the Leverhulme Trust of a project funded from 2012 to 2015. After long-established hostility, as a reconciliatory gesture in 2003, the Republic of Cyprus introduced optional Turkish-as-a-Foreign-Language classes for Greek-Cypriots. Our investigation of adult and secondary school classes asked:
a) how do teachers and students manage to teach & learn the language of a former enemy?
b) what are the implications for efforts to produce intercultural understanding through foreign language teaching?
c) what are the implications for sociolinguistic theory?
The report includes a brief account of the grant, the research activity, conclusions and achievements, and publications & other outputs.