WP315 Towards a transperipheral paradigm: An agenda for socially engaged research

Windle, Souza, Silva, Zaidan, Maia, Muniz & Lorenso


This paper outlines a research agenda centred on the production of spaces of dialogue and solidarity between peripheral territories.  The term ‘transperipheries’ summarises a proposal for research and engagement developed collectively by seven researchers situated in the field of applied linguistics.  The transperipheries agenda offers a pathway for breaking with established paradigms that divorce knowledge production about inequality from the subjects and territories engaged in its contestation from marginalised positionalities.  In other words, we argue for bridging the distance between production of knowledge about peripheries and production of knowledge from peripheries, while also projecting spaces of dialogue and reflection between regional, national and global peripheries.  The paper provides examples of epistemic work undertaken by the contributing authors as a way of showing how research on themes such as literacies, translation, racialisation and violence, can be revisited through a transperipheral lens.  We invite readers from all kinds of peripheries and epistemic fields to build on and debate this research agenda.