WP220 Language, (in)security & everyday practice.

Rampton, Charalambous & Charalambous


This paper explores the relationship between sociolinguistics as the study of everyday communicative practice in changing social conditions on the one hand, and on the other, securitisation, a process that speaks of enemies and major threats to everyday existence.? So is sociolinguistics irrelevant to securitisation, or can sociolinguistics point to everyday complexities in securitisation that would otherwise be missed?? The discussion is divided into the following sections: (1) Changing ethno-politics in Britain; (2) Securitisation as exceptionalisation, departing from the everyday; (3) Learning the language of the enemy in Cyprus; (4) A sociolinguistic interpretation; (5) ?Everyday international relations?: A growing field of interest; (6) Goffman and the study of everyday interactional insecurities; (7) Goffman for IR; (8) Summary and prospect.? The paper draws on a collaboration established at King?s ??www.kcl.ac.uk/liep.