WP30 Jamming the signal: The discourse & literacy practices of billboard liberators

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This study explores the practices of billboard liberators and attempts to provide an account of discourses that are increasingly important to the lives of the activists involved.
On the one hand I view the ongoing practices of billboard liberators as literacy events and practices (Street, 1998), employing semiotic resources, strategies and skills to produce
novel and innovative multimodal texts (Kress & Van Leeuwen 1996). On the other, I treat the texts they produce as the realisation of discursive practices, and explore how the
intersections between discourses are manipulated and exploited by Billboard liberators in creative, subversive ways, here drawing on aspects of Fairclough?s CDA (1995) (intertextuality and orders of discourse). I also try to contextualise the production
aspects of the pictorial data in greater depth, using data ascertained from an on-line interview with a member of a billboard liberation group.