WP24 Language & the Construction of Identities in Contemporary Europe: Notes towards a research

King's-Gent Workshop
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These notes are designed as a ?data-theory? dialogue, and they consist of
1. a series of short vignettes and empirical research scenarios that have been produced by different hands, but that have been brought together to evoke something of the range of situations that any programme of research on language and identity in contemporary Europe needs to address
2. suggestions about the kind of theoretical and methodological orientation that would need to underpin such a research programme, doing justice to the complexity of the issues intimated in the empirical scenarios.
The result is inevitably rather messy/inelegant/heteroglossic. But the overarching proposition is that the research perspectives specified in Section 2 can provide valuable purchase on the range of situations outlined in Section 1, and that conversely, a research programme that fell short of these methodological requirements could risk superficiality, failure – or worse.