WP237 Learning safely from error: Reconsidering the ethics of simulation-based medical education through ethnography

Pelletier, Kneebone, Rutter, Copland et al
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This dialogical working paper results from the annual e-seminar of the Linguistic Ethnography Forum (LEF), which took place online between 1st & 22nd June 2017.? It focuses on Caroline Pelletier and Roger Kneebone?s 2016 article, ?Learning Safely from error? Re-considering the ethics of simulation-based medical education through ethnography? (Ethnography and Education, 11.3).? The article is an ethnography of simulation-based education in four London teaching hospitals, and it focuses on how mistakes in clinical professional practice are identified and discussed verbally.? This is then followed by a discussion with respondents from different disciplinary perspectives, including sociology, health services research, organisational studies, education research and clinical communication.? The contributors to this interaction are Jason Rutter & Fiona Copland, Caroline Pelletier, Clare Mumford, Jamie Murdoch, Yael Pulvermacher, Parm?nio Camur?a Cit? and Deborah Swinglehurst.