WP102 The Amager project: A study of language and social life among minority children & youth

Madsen, Karrebæk & Møller
Collection: Key words ,


The Amager project studies language use, linguistic resources and language norms in the everyday life of contemporary children and adolescents under the current superdiverse social conditions. The project is situated in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and it takes an empirical starting point in aschool setting. The overall project is constituted by a number of part projects and most of the studies conducted investigate how urban children and youth construct, reactivate, negotiate, contest, and navigate between different linguistic and socio-cultural norms and resources. Some studies also treat the interplay between the educational system, parents?, and the young participants? resources, aspirations and identifications.? The aim of this working paper is to present an overview of the main results from the Amager project.